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Indoor Flat HDTV Antenna Features

  • Product Dimensions: 4 1/2in distance x 7/8in width x 3/16in height Cord Length: 6ft/1.82m Shielded Connector Type: 75? F connector
  • One time cost Buy once, enjoy for a lifetime first-rate Crystal Clear picture quality Full 1080p Hd
  • Pattern Type: Omni-directional Unbeatable Reception 360 deg. Capture on every axis
  • Patented Technology Hi-Speed broadband exchange cable
  • Supported Signal Strengths: Strong & Moderate broadcast signals

Indoor Flat HDTV Antenna Overviews

What is the Stealth Hdtv Antenna?Have you ever experienced problems in your Tvs antenna reception? Or even worse the cumbersome antennas out on the store today that enduringly require repositioning in order to get the best signal. The Jet Squirrel Stealth Hdtv Antenna is our acknowledge to those problems, and a revolution in the antenna industry. The idea behind the Stealth Antenna is to contribute a clarification for Over-the-Air (Ota) digital Tv reception, while being easy to use for the everyday person. The Stealth Antenna is capable of producing an extremely solid reception for Tv signals, where the antenna itself is both sleek and concealed. The technology that sits behind our stock is backed by the scientific society and years of investigate within the fields of seismology and digital signal processing.World Class fabricate & business prominent PerformanceWhile the Stealth Antenna is significantly smaller in comparison to most approved Hdtv antennas out there, it packs loads of signal-grabbing power into its tiny frame. The unit itself leaves a mini footprint, where ever it is placed. It measures in at 4 1/2in in length, 7/8in in width, and 3/16in in height, making it the smallest low-profile Hdtv antenna on the market. We use top-quality components in our patent-pending design, and comprise 3 ft of shielded micro-thin high-speed cable, to preclude unwanted interference and promote a more carport signal reception.Ready, Set, Go!Aside from its Aesthetic advantages and ability components, the Stealth Antenna is extremely easy to install. Plainly plug the Rf cable from the antenna into your Tv, mount the Stealth Antenna in the desired position, channel scan, and you're ready to go! There's no ask about what antenna to use for those seeking the best alternative to replace arduous cable or satellite service, Jet Squirrel's Stealth Antenna is the your #1 answer.


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