Friday, May 17, 2013

Save On MonoPrice HDTV Indoor / Outdoor Antenna for $18.73

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Models : 104730
By : Monoprice
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MonoPrice HDTV Indoor / Outdoor Antenna Features

  • Uv unyielding and waterproof housing
  • Receives Atsc Hdtv over-the-air broadcast signals
  • Flexible mounting neck allows for easy positional adjustments
  • Includes cables, power supply, and mounting hardware

MonoPrice HDTV Indoor / Outdoor Antenna Overviews

This antenna is specially designed for the new digital terrestrial broadcasts. Exquisite for new Hdtvs as an alternative to or together with other Hd sources. This antenna will let you take full benefit of the built-in Hd tuner in your Tv. It receives the new Atsc Hdtv broadcasts mandated by law over Vhf and Uhf bandwidths.

The antenna features state-of-the-art low noise amplifier technology and circuits for the best reception. It comes in a Uv resistant and waterproof housing that is both ageement and stylish. Comes with hardware to mount to either walls or existing poles. Exquisite for use both indoors or outdoors.


Monoprice HDTV Antenna Unboxing Video Clips. Duration : 1.67 Mins.

HD Antenna from Monoprice. Works great. It's amplified and it looks sexy! For more unboxings and reviews in HD, press the Yellow Button! :-D Enjoy!


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